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"We both share a love of mountains,
hence the name Annapurna"

Our Story


We first met as part of the ADLER Professional Coaching Certificate Program in Toronto. We bonded over our experience working with global companies and shared stories about moving across continents and learning how to adapt and thrive in various cultures. Through working together, we discovered we shared the same passion and commitment to helping individuals and organizations become future-ready.

Having grown up in France and Lebanon respectively, mountains represent the values of challenge, resilience, partnership and open-mindedness we both learned at a young age. Mountains are also a perfect metaphor for the journey of life which includes peaks, pitfalls and challenges.

Found in Nepal, the name of the Annapurna Mountain refers to “the giver of nourishment” (Anna) and “full, complete” (Purna).
We believe this is a good description of coaching , and as coaches we see our role in helping you nurture the awareness of your true self in order to help you achieve the goals that will bring you a sense of self fullfilment. Together, we have combined our rich corporate and industry experience, our ability to serve clients in various languages, our sense of empathy and the belief in the notion of endless possibilities to help individuals and organizations alike realize their true potential in this ever changing world of work.

Whether you are at the start of your transformation journey or almost at the peak, you can trust us to be your partners in climb to help you reach new summits.




Nathalie Semaan